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Quantum Objects

Various Materials

a  series of works using common craft , industrial, household and found materials to create kinetic sculptures.  Rapillard asks  the viewer to interact or “create” the work as opposed to solely looking at it.   These pieces are small, colorful and toy-like in nature beckoning the inner child in the observer.

quantum objects

Potted plant paradox

Oil paintings

These oil paintings are still lifes of potted plants and flowers painted in a deconstructed expressionist fashion. The body of work  is an allegory of the artist's existence, among others,  being radically changed from “life as we knew it” due to the recent pandemic.  

plant paradox

Keep to the Center

Mixed media sculptures

a series of  balancing sculptures created as a subtle reminder to stay in mental and physical equilibrium. That no matter how large or irregular an object is, there remains a center on which it balances perfectly without force.  

keep to the center
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