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NE7 Antillean: An Ecology

We are all Stardust

The biennial National Exhibit was underway under the title: Antillean:An Ecology.  The open call asked to explore the issues of race, culture and class as they pertain to Bahamian society at large.  I joined together with my partner Dede Brown to create a large scale installation titled : We are all stardust.  Exploring the greater idea of existence rather than pinpointing particular issues, races and cultural backgrounds.  This project took silhouettes of people who live in The Bahamas from different races, social backgrounds and cultures as the elements of the installation and we created a pattern from those same people to cover every individual silhouette.  The background and silhouettes then seemed to merge into one which essentially suggested that we were all part of this great existence and infinite universe created from one great explosive source.

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