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Kingdom Come 6th National Exhibit NAGB

Existential Crisis

The 6th National Exhibit of the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas called to question identity, existence and the future of humanity in a more digitized world.  My response to this ultimate question of why and how was a series of 50 framed qtips with a variety of different philosophical and religious quotes under each qtip.  The qtip as an analogy to each human in their own life with each quote being their set of belief systems suggesting that we are all humans that must live our own lives and to recognize that all beliefs are allowed to exist as the unity of this grand universe.


Taking Flight, Flamingo Sculpture, LPIA International and domestic departures terminal.

In 2012 I had the opportunity to work on the largest public project I had worked on up to then headed by my partner Dede Brown.  "Taking flight" is a flock of 84 life size flamingos in the international and domestic departures terminal of the Nassau International Airport. This sculpture is made of cut aluminum sheet and painted with airbrush and by hand.

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